PS 20 French Dual Language program, which started in 2013, serves Kindergarten through 5th Grade students. There is no Pre-K class at this time. There is one class per Grade. Classes are taught in both English and French in order to develop bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism. Students become proficient in reading, writing and speaking in both languages.  It is not necessary for your child to speak French to join the Dual Language Program in Kindergarten, although priority is given to Francophones who are English Language Learners (ELL).  An ideal class is composed of an equal number of Francophone and Anglophone students.

  • The Kindergarten class is taught in French in the morning and English in the afternoon. First period starts with literacy circles and then morning meeting. The children go over the calendar, weather, and perform counting exercises in French. Using phonics and reading as a group, they develop their French proficiency.  During second period, depending on the day, the children study Math, Science, Social Studies and work on reading and writing in French. Third period is for recess and lunch. Fourth period is quiet time when the children are read stories and sing songs in French.  In the afternoon the class switches over to English and the children study Math, Science, Social Studies and work on their reading and writing skills. Throughout the week they attend Art, Dance, Gardening, Music, Science Lab and Technology classes that are all taught in English. Seventh period is choice time. Each child picks an activity and has a snack before dismissal. 

  • If you are interested in a seat for the 2018-19 school year, please contact us. Email us at for more information. Please fill out our questionnaire as well.