The PS 20 PTA Communications Committee maintains mailing lists for each grade (PreK–5th), and optionally for each classroom, at PS 20. The lists were implemented following a reviewed and approved proposal, for parents/guardians to be able to communicate easily and confidentially with each other. These mailing lists are meant to complement, not replace, teacher-run sites. Faculty and staff are not included in the lists, but teachers may choose to set up a separate classroom site (e.g. Shutterfly) to share news, photos, calendars, and more with parents/guardians.

How do I join the mailing lists?

If you filled the email request forms at the beginning of the year, you should already be in your grade’s mailing lists for your child or children. If you have a Google account (if not, see below), you can check your membership by going to groups.ps20.org, and clicking on My Groups. Mailing lists are hosted on Google Groups for ps20.org. If you are not yet member of your children's grade mailing lists, please complete this form, and we will add you as soon as possible. Class parents, we need your help to make sure the groups include everyone! Please email comm@ps20.org and let us know if you are a class parent (and for which class).

How do I send email to my grade or classroom mailing list?

As long as you’re a member of the mailing lists, you can email all parents in a particular grade by using the following:

If your class parents asked for a classroom-specific list, they will let you know what the mailing list’s email address is.
PLEASE NOTE: all email is subject to the PS 20 posting rules. Please review them before sending email.

Do I need a Google or Gmail account to use this? I have questions about how Google Groups work.

You don't need a Google or Gmail account to participate in the class or grade mailing lists. If you don't have one, you can still send and receive email and unsubscribe. However, if you have a Google or Gmail account, you may be able to take advantage of additional features, like checking your group membership and choosing delivery preferences. You can create a Google account with your existing email address (there is no need to create a separate Gmail address unless you want to). You can learn more about Google Groups here.

Who can see mailing list emails, or my email address?

Only other members of the group (that is, other parents/guardians in your children's grades or classes) and PTA Communications Chair (the domain administrator) can send, receive, or see emails sent to each mailing list.

Only class parents and the PTA Communications Chair can see the email addresses for each mailing list. The groups are closed to the public and can be joined by invitation only.

I'd like a new mailing list created

Classroom- and committee-specific mailing lists can be created as needed. Please send requests to comm@ps20.org.

I don’t want to participate. How do I get myself out of this?

If you see the groups you’re in at groups.ps20.org, you can leave them by using the “Leave this group” button. Otherwise, please email comm@ps20.org, and we’ll remove you from the mailing lists you’re in.