Everyone in the PS20 Community is a part of the PTA, and welcome at all meetings and events. Come join us!

PTA Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, usually at 6 PM. See the Calendar in Konstella for details.

2019/20 PTA Board

Co-President: Meryem Bencheikh-Ellis, president@ps20.org
Co-President: Lawrence Watford, president@ps20.org
Vice-President: Becky Slife, vicepresident@ps20.org
Recording Secretary: Alexis Wiedeman, secretary@ps20.org
Treasurer: Elizabeth Mouzannar, treasurer@ps20.org
Financial Secretary: Derek Yi, financial.secretary@ps20.org
Parliamentarian: Jai Butler-Armstrong, parliamentarian@ps20.org
Corresponding Secretary: Flo Lunn, corresponding.secretary@ps20.org
Parent Outreach Correspondent: Esther Dorancy, parent.outreach@ps20.org
Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs: Charette Denune & Kathryn Diaz, fund@ps20.org
Communications Committee Co-Chairs :Ana Lourdes & Flo Lunn comm@ps20.org


The PS20 PTA endeavors to benefit the educational, social and emotional growth of our student population by providing resources and support to the school in the following ways:

- To develop a cooperative working relationship between families and the school staff;
- To provide community members a place to connect with each other, and to participate in school governance and decision-making;
- To provide opportunities for parent enrichment and participation;
- To raise money to help supplement school budget shortfalls, to fund enrichment programs and community-building events.

All parents and teachers are members of the PTA. The PTA executive board is meant to guide the efforts of the larger PTA body according to DOE PTA by-laws. All PTA decisions are voted by parents equally.

Contact us at info@ps20.org