Dual Language Dual Language (DL) programs provide instruction in two languages (50% in English and 50% in the other language), to develop bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural understanding in both languages. Students become proficient in reading, writing, and speaking in English and in the target language of the program (e.g., Spanish, Chinese, etc.). The DL model used is based on student demographics in the school and district; however, ELLs receive priority for enrollment. Half of the students are ELLs and half are non-ELLs

French ELL Demographics 2016/17 . DOE Overview Link

Citywide  1,952 1.22% . Ranked 10th out of 10  of Foreign languages spoken in Public Schools

Bronx:         805 1.91%   Ranked 4th

Manhattan:  527 2.70% . Ranked 4th

Brooklyn:    416 0.89%  Ranked 10th